Lab diamonds are identical to mined diamonds, except for it is sustainable for the environment and for your wallet. At Lovelri, although we have jaw-dropping prices, we are rooted in quality craftsmanship. We only hire craftsmen on our team who have worked world renowned jewelry houses. We wouldn’t give you a ring we wouldn’t give to our partner or our children.

The only tangible difference? Price.

You ask, how do we do it? Simple, we just don’t over charge. We are well aware that the quality of our diamonds and craftsmanship can command prices 2-3x higher. But, we don’t because we want to be the breath of fresh air in your search for the perfect ring.

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Our Transparent Lab Diamond pricing is not much more expensive than Moissanites!

Now that you know what we stand for, let us get to meet you and help craft your dream ring! Schedule an appointment to learn about our lab diamond rings without the traditional mark ups.

For some style inspiration, check out our Moissanite page - All rings can have a diamond mounted instead.

Custom rings are the same cost, no additional custom fee - Learn about our bespoke process.