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Where to buy Engagement Rings in Toronto - Guide to Crafting the Perfect Engagement Ring

Where to buy Engagement Rings in Toronto - Guide to Crafting the Perfect Engagement Ring

Guide to Crafting the Perfect Engagement Ring - 6 Main Tips! 

Choosing the ideal engagement ring is such a beautiful step in your journey towards your forever love. At Lovelri, we are here to help you every step along the way! As you embark on this exciting endeavour, consider these 6 key steps to ensure the ring you choose reflects your commitment and captures the essence of your unique love story. 

1. Understand Your Budget:

Begin your engagement ring journey by establishing a realistic budget. Lovelri caters to various budget ranges, ensuring that you find the perfect ring without compromising on quality. Carefully consider your financial plan, as it could influence the choice of stone, setting, and metal. 

Tip! Not sure what stone your budget can get you? Schedule an appointment with us and we will find you your perfect stone!

2. Determine the Center Stone:

Selecting the center stone is a pivotal decision in crafting the perfect engagement ring. Lovelri specializes in lab diamonds rings in Toronto as well as Moissanite engagement rings, offering an array of options. Lab diamonds are ethical and eco-friendly, while moissanite provides an affordable yet brilliant alternative. Choose a stone that aligns with your values and aesthetic preferences.

Tip! Not sure the difference between Lab Diamonds and Moissanites? Check out our article here! 

3. Choose the Shape:

The shape of the center stone is one of the most exciting choices you and your significant other have to make to create your unique ring! Lovelri provides a variety of shapes, including round, oval, radiant, emerald, princess, elongated cushion, and more in both Lab Diamonds and Moissanites. All of our styles are fully customizable - this includes replacing the center stone with a different shape! Customize the ring to reflect your partner's taste and personality, ensuring it becomes a unique symbol of your love story.

Tip! Not sure how to choose what shape to go with? Schedule an appointment with us and we can walk through considerations of different shapes! Or check out this post that talks about how to make your engagement ring look bigger! 

4. Select a Ring Setting:

Enhance the beauty of the center stone by carefully choosing the ring setting. Lovelri offers a diverse selection, from classic solitaires to intricate detailed designs. All of our engagement rings are made-to-order, this means that they are fully customizable to whatever design your dream of! Whether your partner prefers a timeless and classic setting or a more contemporary and unique style, Lovelri will help you find the perfect match!

Tip! Not sure what setting your partner would like? You could observe her current style - Does she wear more classic, vintage, modern, or unique pieces? This can give you a sense of her overall taste! You could also enlist a friend's help to subtly ask! 

5. Determine the Metal Type:

The metal type is a significant consideration in designing your partner's dream ring! Lovelri offers 14K & 18K gold in white, rose, and yellow, as well as platinum. These high-quality metals are designed for everyday wear, ensuring the longevity of your symbol of love.

Tip! Consider your partner's style when making this decision - does she usually like to wear yellow gold jewelry or white gold / silver jewelry? Does she mix her metal colors? Those are all considerations while picking which metal to go with! For more tips on the metal - schedule an appointment with us so we can walk you through the durability and value of each! 

6. Figure Out Her Ring Size:

Accurately determining your partner's ring size without spoiling the surprise is a thoughtful step in the process. Borrow a ring from her collection or enlist the help of a close friend or family member! 

Tip! Lovelri also provides a 1x free ring resize within a year of purchase (with the exception of some styles as some are non-resizable - i.e. full pavé band, mixed metal, more intricate designs). 

Selecting the perfect engagement ring is an exhilarating journey filled with sentiment. Lovelri is dedicated to guiding you through each of the 6 key steps. Whether you're drawn to lab diamond rings or moissanite engagement rings, Lovelri's commitment to quality and customization ensures your engagement ring is a genuine reflection of your unique love story.

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