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Long Island

Long Island

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An Art Deco-Inspired Emerald Ring with Accompanying Baguette Side Stones. 

Step into the glamour of the 1920s with the Long Island Emerald Cut Ring, a tribute to F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby." This exquisite ring embodies the opulence of the era, featuring a striking emerald-cut diamond at its center, accompanied by delicate baguette diamonds, reminiscent of the lavish parties and luxurious Long Island mansions of the novel. With its sleek, Art Deco-inspired design, this ring captures the elegance of the Roaring Twenties, inviting you to experience a world of glitz, sophistication, and timeless romance. 


Moissanite (Contact us for Lab Diamond Option)
Comes with certificate of authenticity and limited lifetime warranty

Stone Shape Emerald Cut with Baguette Cut Side Stones
Stone Cut Ideal
Stone Color E-F (Colorless)
Center Stone Clarity VVS
Band Width 1.7-1.8mm
MOH Scale 9.25
Refractive Index 2.65
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Our Promise

Sustainable fine jewelry, redefined.


At Lovelri, we redefined the process of purchasing luxury jewelry. 

Transparent pricing means that you are clear on the value of what you’re paying for. We give the power back to YOU to determine what you would like to pay while we remove the traditional 2x-3x markups. ​


Craftsmanship and quality is at the heart of our brand. Although we offer transparent pricing, we will never cut corners.

​All our rings are 100% Made in Canada and stones (Lab Diamonds and Moissanites) are sourced from North America.


Although Lovelri prices are better than most jewellers in Toronto, ​we never sacrifice on quality and our expert jewellers have 40+ years of craftsmanship experience.

Lovelri's lab diamonds have the same crystal lattice carbon structure as mined diamonds - as such, optically it is almost impossible for even an expert jeweler to tell. When you choose Lovelri, you get the highest quality of diamonds at a fraction of the cost of a mined diamond.

​If you choose Moissanites, at Lovelri, we use the top-of-the-line moissanites made by Charles and Colvard, NEO Moissanites, etc. 

  • Materials and Specs

    ● We strive for perfection hence all our gemstones are hand selected and inspected for the highest quality (All stones are VS2 or better).

    ● As a socially responsible company all our lab created stones and materials are Conflict-free, Eco-friendly, and Ethically Crafted.

    ● For Moissanites, we mainly use Harro Gem or NEO moissanite stones as they are some of the most well-known and best cut moissanites in the market, giving you the sparkle you are looking for. *We also provide Forever One by Charles & Colvard, please contact us directly*

    ● Please note that carat size represents the Diamond Equivalent Weight (DEW) for the size of stone

  • Our Promise

    ● When you buy from Lovelri, you get a ring of exceptional quality that will be sure to capture the awe of your loved one

    ● All our rings are made-to-order and handmade in Canada by our expert jewellers with experience in the world's largest luxury jewelry brands

    ● Our moissanites will never change color, nor blur. They are not "Diamond Simulants" or "Cubic Zirconias"

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